Calling all high potential, high frequency women.

Do you feel disconnected from yourself and your beautiful body?

Discover why the Magical Dark Moon Day Ritual is essential to get connected again to yourself. 


Do you feel you are meant to do great things while you are walking around on this planet?
But somehow you don't seem to get real traction. You feel sort of stuck in one of these important areas of you life:

Why is Feminine Centered Health & Wellness Coaching the key for optimal feminine health?

Let me tell you why I disagree with Steve Jobs.
He said: "You can't connect the dots looking forward, you can only connect them looking
For preventive optimal health you need to connect the dots going forward.
What is optimal health for you?

 I don't believe in  Instagram worthy bodies and detox diets. I don't believe in calorie counting and meditate until your are going up into the air. 

I believe in you and your unique beautiful feminine body. 
I believe in compassion and empathy for your beautiful feminine body. 
We somehow seem to forgot how to feel that. 

This is what I call the Hamster Wheel of Disconnect. 

My solution is to get your out of that hamster wheel. So you can feel fully alive, energetic and aligned with your purpose.

Do you want to feel at home, healthy and vital in your beautiful body?

Do you want to become the woman you were born to be and create a world that reflects your values?
Without annoying feminine health issues?
What is optimal feminine health for you?


Feminine Centered 
Health & Wellness Coaching

so you can become that luscious feminine creator!

It is new. it is different. 
it is unique.

Where ancient feminine mysteries meet the latest science.

I have been working with hundreds of women in my practice and every time we discussed their physical issues, the emotional, spiritual things came up as well. 

"Hmmm...I can start eating different and taking some supplements, but when I don't deal with the cause of my bloated belly, it wouldn't go away by itself." was the remark of Miranda after our latest coaching session.

She is right. Feminine health issues in the pelvic area especially have a lot to do with relationship trauma's.

Health and Mental issues for Women are rising.

  • 60% of those depressed in U.S. are women
  • Women between 45-64 years of age are at the highest risk of depression
  • 45,2 % of women over 20 have hypertension
  • 41,8 % of women over 20 are obese

And these are just a few statistics. Take action now, don't become a statistic.

About Roos

First of all, she is not a regular health & wellness coach. She has a masters in Law but decided to follow her heart and help people with their health in a natural way. 

Roos has a successful practice as a board certified Health and Wellness Coach near Amsterdam, the Netherlands. She has helped hundreds of clients to become healthier using both practical as well as holistic methods. She helps her clients to not just survive, but truly thrive in life.

She is at the forefront of empowering people to become leaders in the world of health and wellness coaching in her role as teacher, mentor, and senior coach at A Wellness Revolution, a globally accredited, award-winning organization who teaches people to become certified Health & Wellness coaches.

As a keynote speaker she inspired hundreds of underprivileged women in South-Africa to become healthier and learn to thrive on National Women’s Day.


Explore my Free Resources

What every woman should know about the Magical Dark Moon Days. 

e-book about the ancient feminine mysteries, long last knowledge. But very essential in our lives today, especially if you don't want to burn out as the Emotional Vacuüm Cleaner of the family. 

The Visionary's Guide to balance your masculine and feminine energy in our patriarchal society.

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Real Success Stories

Roos has this special gift to touch upon exactly the right subject during our coaching sessions. She works very intuitively and every time touches my soul when she asks the right questions. Sometimes these move me to tears, because I know that this was the missing link to my own growth. 

Every week I feel I am coming closer to my real self. And that feels AMAZING!

I am so grateful for our weekly sessions, because they make me realize that all the potential to grow as a woman is already inside of me. But somehow I can’t crack the code myself…yet. Our sessions are really empowering and very valuable for me, because she knows to press the right button at the right time. This helps me to see things from a different angle. My body, mind and spirit are very thankful and me too!

Heleen Verkerk

Online Business Mentor

Roos loves to connect with people and share her knowledge. She is an excellent Health & Wellness Coach. She has developed a coaching business and helps many people heal themselves. She is joyful and positive in her energy and this helps to lift the spirit of those that she meets and cares for. She will go to any length to help her clients and works in a large network that she can refer to. Roos is always searching for new possibilities in Health & Wellness. She is in love with food and shares this love of cooking with all.

Cathleen Beerkens

Founder A Wellness Revolution

Magical Dark Moondays

Perhaps you associate full moon with howling werewolves on the misty Moors of England. Or with ecstatic techno, intoxicating  Full Moon Parties on a remote tropical beach in the Caribbean, Or not being able to sleep at home. There is something about full moon. 

But what you probably are not aware of is that the most magical time of the month for women are the Dark Moon Days. This is ancient knowledge we somehow forgot in the current ruling patriarchal society we live in..

These are the three days around new moon, the so called Dark Moon Days. The day before dark moon, the actual dark moon day and the day after dark moon.

Why should you pay attention to those days and how?

I will explain this to you in my monthly 


If you feel the calling of the moon, the sisterhood, the Great Mother or are just curious, feel free to register. It is free and available for you as gifted, bright, high potential, high frequency beautiful woman. 
Everyone is welcome, from every part of the world, religion, age and history. 

Feminine Power is bigger than borders and dogma's. Let us unite, the world needs more  insightful strong Feminine Leaders and compassionate, empathetic women.
Be part this new movement! 

Everything you always wanted to know about Dark Moon Days

Getting back to your natural flow in the month and in your life, will make a huge difference for your health and your feeling of wellbeing. Doesn't matter if you are having a period or not. 

We, women are capable of amazing things, once we are freed of the Hamster Wheel of Disconnect. 

The feeling of disconnection from you body, living in your head all the time. How to reconnect with yourself again? 

Download the ebook and join the monthly free Dark Moon Power Circle via zoom. 

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