augustus 22, 2022

The natural flow of a woman

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Did you know that your body whispers to you every month, but that these soft and gentle whispers are overshadowed by your Instagram account, sweet but demanding girlfriends, lovely noisy children, barking dogs and neglected husbands?

Once you become aware of these hushed sounds, you won’t be able to ignore them  anymore. You’ll be wondering how you could ever have ignored them – they now sound so loud!

The other side of the coin is that, if you ignore the whispers, your body will let you know in not such a nice way. 

What is your natural flow? Are you aware of having a monthly, yearly or even a life flow?

Or are you always in survival mode?

All women, with or without a menstrual cycle, have a natural flow that is determined by their periods or the moon. Yes, even if menopause has set in or you have left that beautiful transformational time in your life behind. 

Let me tell you about a woman’s sacred abilities. The special powers with which we have been equipped. Our amazing design, like a true Goddess Power.

Having your period is not only about having children. or how to avoid them.

Each month your period gives you the beautiful opportunity to release yourself and your loved ones from negative energies and vibes. 

The first three days are excellent for this process of Emotional Vacuum Cleaning. 

If you no longer have your period, let the dark moon days guide you. These are the three days surrounding the new moon. The day before, the day of and the day after the new moon.

For the newbies amongst us: we women are more connected to the moon than we might think. The ancient Goddess Religion was fully aware of this connection but this sacred knowledge has been almost completely lost. However, a new movement is rising, Feminine Empowerment, and it’s becoming louder and louder!

And it’s about time. Women will bring about the New Earth. Old systems are starting to crumble and old powers  are doing their utmost to get and keep control and power over humanity. Just look at mainstream media. But with Feminine Empowerment, they will no longer have the upper hand.

In the past all women who stood up for themselves, who were powerfully connected to their own resources and inner wisdom, were abused, burnt or got their head’s chopped off. Everything possible was done to keep them small, obedient and under the legal custody of their fathers or husbands. 

The Inner Goddess who knew her powerful abilities, who was in contact with nature and the cycle of the moon, seems to have disappeared. Until now. 

Not all sacred knowledge has been lost. Insightful Feminine Leaders are standing up. They realize that the world needs strong, healthy role models. That our daughters need them.

But women first need to be taught about their beautiful bodies. We need to understand that our moon time is a gift, not a curse. 

That we can use this time to think back on the previous month through our own personal ritual. The good and the less good things. 

Are there thoughts, doubts, not so good friends, feelings, we want to let go of?

For now, the first step is:

Free yourself from social obligations and outgoing stuff the week before your moon time. 

Take time to rest and go in. 

If you ignore this for too long, PMS is the monster that lurks around the corner. 

Step two is:

Don’t prepare food for yourself or others during your moon time. 

You are in the process of getting rid of negative energies (that is our gift) and you don’t want them to end up in your food. 

So, if you still have your period, the first three days is your moon time.

If you don’t have your period anymore, go online and find out when the new moon is. 

Mark your calendar and instruct the members of your household to take care of you. Mark your calendar and let the members of your household know that this is a time that they need to take care of you and not the other way around.

Then, don’t cook for those three days. Not a big thing to ask, ha!

It’ll take some adjusting, but it will reap its benefits not only for you but also for those around you. 


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The natural flow of a woman

The natural flow of a woman
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