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Why feminine centered coaching is the answer to become a luscious, juicy Feminine Creator in control of your bloated belly and fears & tears.

Saturday evening round nine, on the gray couch in the living room. You see yourself smiling but you feel inside that something is not the way it is supposed to feel. You can’t really pinpoint what the cause is of that vague feeling. “Anyone something to drink or eat?” you ask and get up to the kitchen, where you find yourself leaning on the counter and look outside of the window. Your mind wonders of…

Pleasing, helping, serving others is something you automatically do. It is familiar, feels safe and secure….but not right deep down. 

It’s there, that feeling, that emptiness, that void,  but you don’t really know why it is there and what is the cause.

But you do know that you have gut issues, painful cramps, bloating like you are four months pregnant,  diarrhea and you feel depleted. Empty inside. 

You eat things that are not good for you to compensate for, compensate for what actually? And drink too much white wine.You are second guessing yourself and doubting your inner compass. Where to go? Which direction? There is an emptiness inside of you. You have everything to be grateful for, but feel unfulfilled. You are not feeling enough and not walking the walk, hiding in baggy clothes that do not celebrate your beautiful feminine body. 

For some reason you feel  so disconnected from your beautiful body and what it needs, that you seem to have missed some of the alarm bells up to the point that you are on the edge of burnout. Or just not feel good inside your own skin.

If you continue to go on like this, you feel that life will dry up on you. That you will not fully blossom and will end up like one of those supermarket roses in a vase who drop their heads without even opening up.

If you don’t answer to that inner yearning to express your true emotions and setting healthy boundaries, the balance is lost and physical challenges are unavoidable. 

Physical issues like IBS, brain fog, headaches by clenching your jaw too much.

A lump in your right boob, that results in a diagnosis of breast cancer around your fiftieth birthday.

An abnormal pap-smear result and a HPV virus as a pre-stadium of cervical cancer that doesn’t go away by itself. Like with everyone else.

Such heavy bleeding during your period weakens you because of iron depletion and that your doctor told you about the option of  ‘taking it all out’.

Such terrible PMS, that you are wondering what kind of nasty hag suddenly came to live in your body..

And hey? Where did the inner sex Goddess go? She used to be part of you. Now it seems you don’t have that passionate desire anymore and hot steamy sex in the shower is like a distant memory from the past. Only the steamy shower windows sometimes remind you of those moments in your past. 

How about the fear of feeling discarded after menopause? Anxiety about being literally dried up and finished. The night sweats, the hot flashes at awkward moments. OMG, when does this go away? What happened to my body? Can’t seem to lose those extra belly flabs.

My philosophy

Women have a natural rhythm as ancient as humankind. Whether you have a period or not anymore. Knowing how to listen and honor this natural rhythm during the month, the year and your life make sure that you can thrive as a woman. 

Ignoring it makes you feel depleted, worn out and empty inside. 

We all have a masculine and feminine energy inside of us. Those need to be in balance in order to thrive, feel strong and happy.  The average coaching program is very masculine focused, linear and logical. Perfectly fine to get to some results.

However a woman's brain and body work differently. 

Ignoring your natural feminine rhythm and trying to be a mini-man are a great recipe for all kinds of physical and emotional issues. 

I have been working with lots of high end entrepreneurial men as clients. 

I know after doing my research that women benefit more from a feminine centered form of  coaching. 

So you feel again that luscious, juicy powerful woman who speaks her truth, who stands up for herself and takes in her space. 

Who is in control of her own health, her needs, her energy and her sex.

What is my personal ‘Why’? 

From midlife crisis at 39 to a thriving powerful creator now. 

When I was a little girl, I loved to play in the woods, playing ‘little witch’ and healing all fairies, little brothers and teddy bears around me with potions and lotions, the natural way. 

I saw myself as a Meryl Streep in Out of Africa, helping women and children in Africa.

Wanted to become a doctor, ending up getting a master degree in Law. 

Long story short, as a board certified Health & Wellness coach specialized  in Women’s Health, I am helping women in a natural way with their health. 

Perhaps I’ll end up one day in Kenia in a safari outfit 🙂

you are born to thrive, this i my story

My mother passed away when she was only fifty five due to the consequences of breast cancer.  I was 29 with a 2 year old daughter,

I know what kind of hole in my heart that caused. Going through early motherhood, all the insecurities, anxieties, sleepless nights, without my best friend and Wise Woman in my life.

Looking back I can clearly see that her sudden inflammatory breast cancer had other psycho, spiritual causes, like the relationship with her mother and not being able to set healthy boundaries. 

I have had my share in fertility treatments and know from my heart what it feels to  deeply long with your soul for a little one in your arms. The fears, the tears, the loneliness, the insecurities, the grief, the hope, the injections, the endless internal examinations, the hormones, the joy.  I have experienced it all in a clinic in Denmark. 

I had two natural water births at home, surrounded by candles and spa music, more than three years of breastfeeding and completely dedicating myself to my children, up to a point where I lost connection with who I was, what I wanted, what my opinion was.


I separated from the father of my children after nineteen years. Because I felt deep down inside that I had to spread my wings and learn to fly by myself. Leaving a very comfortable  stay at home-mom-nothing to worry about- life,  taking a leap of faith and diving into the unknown. Giving up all securities  because we were never married and had no contract, and being a lawyer, I knew my rights; zero in the Netherlands. Super scary, but did it anyway. Going through an inevitable midlife crisis at 39, very much off track, depleted of energy and no inner compass guidance at all. 

To emerge after five years as a balanced strong confident insightful woman with my own successful coaching business, thriving and living Life to the max. Still going on family holidays with the ex and kids.

Later on I healed myself in a natural holistic way from the pre-stage of cervical cancer without the adviced surgical intervention. My search for natural healing led me to the jungles of Tulum, Mexico where I did a Plant Medicine ceremony under the full moon and rustling palmleaves, flying high in the sky with my Spirit Guides who brought me insight and guidance. 

To the ice cold waters of the lakes near my village in wintertime, where I experienced mental calmness and super immunity by submerging myself in the natural water every day at 7 in the morning. 

The experience of a  sacred union with myself due to the healing properties of psilocybin, Magic Mushroom smoothies surrounded by all women in a sacred Feminine Ceremony. 

A Yoni massage brought me in contact with old stored emotions of relationships in the whole womb area. Tears were abundant and so was the lightness after it as well. 

To name a few of the things I have done on my path to Holistic Healing.


As a base was there the natural Eat -Real -Food lifestyle, natural supplements and an occasional glass of champagne.

I have had my share of Women’s Health issues, unbalanced masculine and feminine energy, and complete disconnection from myself, my inner Goddess.  

I worked on and  experienced healing, balance and what that meant for me and the ripple effect it had on my life, business and success. This is the reason why I  focus on helping other women do the same.  

The world needs more strong insightful women!

                                                                                                              ‘Staying true to my own intuition guided me into the right direction of healing.'


If you would know me personally you would know that I love to sing along with André hazes, refuse to go to gyms and am an excellent marshmallow toaster. 

What other people say about working with me:


"roos is very good at communicating, she knows what she is talking about and is great in listening. she told me easy and doable steps to start healing my body."  
 arnella de keizer, 39, The Netherlands   


"roos is clear, quick and practical. She doesn't only give advice, but practical tools to help you make different decisions in life. She is a good listener and shares from her own experience. She has a lot of positive energy. The coaching is so much more than what you can think of on forehand. It is a present to yourself."  
pauline lemberger, 46, the Netherlands,  director worldparents    

"roos was  the missing link in my health-team. She looks at the whole person and not just to some elements. Because of her, I trust that I have the power to influence my own health."  
christina stradmeijer, 42, the netherlands, CEO Schrijf Online   


"what a great investment in your own health.This is the missing puzzle piece in health care. roos can really back up what she is saying and gives wonderful coaching."  
Sandra kerssens, 37, the Netherlands, owner skincare salons    

"i was pleasantly surprised about the accuracy of her scan device and the great skillfulness of roos. I am also a therapist but this was above all expectations. And what a lovely and caring lady."  
irene van delft,54, the netherlands, therapist    

"I thougt I could not make a connection between my head and my heart. I was always thinking and my head was so full. I have built a wall around me, not to feel. By working with roos on refraiming my perceptions, i feel that I have found myself again. by doing the sessions with her in combination with her intuitive healing work, i could open up. I dare to be more vulnerable , to feel more and that has brought me so much good."  
prescilla roos, 35 the netherlands, real estate     

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