Health & Wellness Coach

Certified Health & Wellness Coach

accredited by:
ICF (International Coaching Federation)
NBHWC (National Board of Health & Wellness Coaches)
BLCN (Dutch )

A Wellness Revolution (AWR)

Certified Health & Wellness Coach

A Health & Wellness Coach Credential-holders are trained (60+ hours) and experienced coaches. They have demonstrated knowledge and emerging proficiency in the application of the AWR Core Competencies, Code of Ethics, and definition of coaching. Earners show a commitment to high ethical standards and have demonstrated, through rigorous assessment, professional competence in their work with clients. 


Active Listening | Building Trust | Communicating Effectively | Creating Awareness | Establishing Agreements | Maintaining Presence | Meeting Ethical Guidelines | Partnering With Clients | Powerful Questioning | Setting Goals

Earning Criteria

Completion of the 6 month health & wellness coach-specific training that meets AWR guidelines for credentialing.

Completion of three oral testings.

Completion of 3 hours of mentor coaching with an eligible mentor coach.

Submission of a 3 coaching sessions in writing  for the AWR.

Submission of one oral coaching session of 25 minutes.

Pass both knowledge and performance assessments at A Wellness Revolution level.


AWR Core Competencies

The AWR core health & wellness coaching competencies were developed to support a greater understanding of the skills and approaches used within today’s health & wellness coaching profession as defined by A Wellness Revolution.

ICF Code of Ethics

The Code of Ethics is designed to provide appropriate guidelines, accountability and enforceable standards of conduct for all AWR Members and AWR Credential-holders, who commit to abiding by the AWR Code of Ethics.