What is Feminine centered Health & Wellness Coaching ?

Your health is important to you. You have noticed that some loved ones around you  seem to get all kinds of nasty feminine health issues.
Breast cancer,  abnormal pap-smears, cervical dysplasia, fibroids, infertility, leaking implants, HPV, menstrual irregularities,  bladder issues and the list with
You are intelligent enough to know what to do and to treat your beautiful body with respect....but somehow don't really do this.
Lots of self help books in your house. 

So you would like to feel healthy and energetic?
"Bright eyed and bushy tailed" as the English would say. I always imagine an enthousiastic happy dog, bouncing up and down as soon as he knows he is going for a walk. 

You feel you are on the crossroad in your life. You know that you have so much capacities, knowledge and wisdom, but somehow you can't seem to get real traction. And you feel sort of stuck. How do I get out of this hamster wheel? And how did I end up here in the first place?

It is different from the regular from of coaching you will find everywhere.

Why is it different?
Women are different than men, our bodies are different, our brains work different and our emotions are different. 

Regular, more masculine approach to coaching is:
Set a goal => break it down in little steps => create an action plan.

But what if that familiar annoying little voice deep down inside you is telling you:
"You can never do this. You tried it before and you failed. Don't even try."
"What you have to offer, who wants that? Probably no one."
"You are chickenshit scared of being in front of a camera, why do you think you can do this?" 

This approach doesn't work for high potential, bright, aware, gifted, high frequency beautiful women who feel the inner urge to blossom.
Instead of being the wilted Wonder Woman. 

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My VIP 1-one-1 coaching is the best present you can give yourself.